A well maintained car should be able to hit 100,00 miles without needing any major attention in terms of engine carbon cleaning. But, as your car gets older, you’ll begin to notice a drop off in performance.

Utilising the latest technology, we reduce your engine carbon build up, which accumulates naturally over time from the inside of your engine. Engine carbon cleaning is a quick and simple process which can see your car’s performance improve immediately. On average, our cleaning process is completed within half an hour and will see you back on the road within the hour.

Our machine uses water to make hydrogen which is then fed into the air intake of the engine, where it begins breaking down carbon build up. It cleans the combustion area in your engine which includes pistons, valves, cylinder head, injector nozzles, EGR and the exhaust manifold.

NHS / Keyworkers – Priority booking and Special Discounts.

FREE collection and delivery within a 10 mile radius. Loan cars also available.

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Arrange a detox for your engine

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