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Up to 98% of soot and ash removed with every flush. No other DPF cleaning method comes close.

Why choose us?


Our hydrodynamic cleaning process can take as little as 50 minutes to restore your DPF, which means your vehicle spends less time on the ramp and more time on the road.

Future friendly

Harming the planet with corrosive cleaning chemicals isn’t our style. Instead, we stay carbon-free – and achieve better results – by using the power of water and compressed air.


Provided you’re within a 10-mile radius from us, we’ll collect your DPF, clean it and return it at no extra charge.

What our customers say about us

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    Awesome service. I required an urgent DPF clean and the team completed the work overnight to beat the Easter shutdown. Highly recommend.

    Markus Saich
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    A massive thank you to Chris and the team. Very professional and excellent customer service.

    Ray Blackwell
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    Definitely the best garage around. I have been using DPF Express Clean for years and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

    Karolina Pociute


What is a hydrodynamic DPF clean?
It’s the process of combining turbulent water flow and the
impulse of compressed air to flush harmful soot and ash
deposits from your DPF.

Why does my vehicle need a DPF clean?
Running your vehicle with a blocked DPF can cause damage to
other combustion components, resulting in reduced
performance, response and fuel efficiency.

How can I tell if my vehicle needs a DPF clean?
In most cases, your engine light will illuminate on your
dashboard, but other tell-tale signs include:
• loss of power
• reduced fuel economy
• poor throttle response
• excessive exhaust fumes
• a hot and pungent smell from the engine

What are the benefits of a DPF clean?
As well as protecting other engine components, a clean DPF
will instantly improve the performance and fuel economy of
your vehicle. You might say it pays for itself.

How much does a DPF clean cost?
At DPF Express Clean, our prices start at £180 plus VAT. You
can find our complete pricing list right here.

How long does it take to clean my DPF?
Depending on the size and condition of your DPF, our drop-in
and clean service can take as little as 50 minutes. However,
larger commercial-sized DPFs may take up to 48 hours.

Can DPF Express Clean remove my filter?
Yes. Unlike other centres that may ask you to remove your
DPF before arriving, we offer a complete one-stop-shop DPF
cleaning service from removal through to reinstallation.

Can you collect and return my DPF filter?
Provided you live within a 10-mile radius from our DPF
cleaning centre, we’ll collect your DPF, clean it and return it
at no extra cost.

Why should I clean rather than replace my DPF filter?
Apart from saving you thousands of pounds, a DPF
replacement is better for our planet – and achieves the same
results for your vehicle.

Do you offer DPF cleaning for fleet and commercial?
Yes, our workshop can take on any sized DPF cleaning
requirement, from Land Rovers and 4x4s to HGVs, boats and
even plant machinery.

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We offer DPF Cleaning to HGVs, Plant & Agricultural Machinery

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