Utilising the latest technology in car diagnostics, we pride ourselves on offering the best service for our customers. Whether it is a simple dash light issue or an in-depth car diagnostics test, with vehicle data logging, we are equipped to offer the most effective solutions to diagnose your vehicle’s faults.

All modern day vehicles are able to be plugged in to our systems, quickly diagnosing the issue causing your dash light and other faults. We have seven different tools available for use by our experienced team, and these each offer specific information tailored to your car. This means every diagnostics assessment we do is unique to your vehicle; not just your car model. C R Allen & Sons pride ourselves on the personal touch, and this extends to our diagnostics process too.

For years we have specialised in Land Rovers, and our passion for these cars extends back many years. Our equipment can remap your ECU to offer up to 40% more power, make you quicker off the mark and even improve your fuel economy. If you’re looking to find out more about how we can increase the performance of your car, please see our sister site C R Allen Tuning for more information.

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FREE collection and delivery within a 10 mile radius. Loan cars also available.

If you require car diagnostics, C R Allen & Sons are the ideal choice

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If you require car diagnostics, C R Allen & Sons are the ideal choice

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