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Our DPF cleaning service includes:
✓ Full diagnostics and performance report
✓ 12-month guarantee
✓ Free collection and delivery (within a 10-mile radius)

“Definitely the best garage around. I have been using DPF
Express Clean for years and wouldn’t go anywhere else.”
—Karolina Pociute

Why replace when you can restore?
It’s no exaggeration when we say a new DPF can set you back anywhere up to £3,500. But with our hydrodynamic DPF
cleaning service, you’ll benefit from the same results as a new DPF, without the unnecessary expense of new parts and labour costs.


Why is DPF cleaning necessary?
As of February 2014, all exhaust inspections carried out during
an MOT will assess the condition of DPFs. Should your DPF be
missing, damaged or blocked, your MOT will result in a failure.

How much does DPF cleaning cost?
At DPF Express Clean, our prices start at £180 plus VAT. You
can find our full pricing list right here.

How long does DPF cleaning take?
If you want to use our drop-in and clean service, we can
usually turn around your DPF in as little as 50 minutes.
However, larger commercial-sized DPFs may take up to 48

How effective is hydrodynamic DPF cleaning?
Because our cleaning technology can reach and flush every
filter chamber, we often achieve results as high as 98% flow
rate. With every clean, we provide a full performance report to
show you the results from your clean.

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How do I keep my DPF clean?
More often than not, a DPF blockage is caused by a succession
of short journeys where your vehicle’s components fail to
reach optimum operating temperatures. As a result, unburnt
soot is passed through the exhaust system, which finally
deposits in the DPF. To stop soot building in your DPF, try:
✓ limiting stop-start journeys
✓ switching to premium diesel
✓ using correct engine oil grade
✓ running a DPF regeneration
✓ following your service schedule
✓ resetting service lights correctly

If you want further guidance on DPF cleaning or booking a DPF
clean, get in touch with our friendly technicians today.

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